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Too many startups caught by hidden sales tax nightmares (webinar)

VB WEBINAR: Missed it? Access this on-demand webinar for free right here.   In life, there are three things you can always count on: death, taxes, and the unexpected sales tax your business must pay without ever knowing why. While Benjamin Franklin may have coined “death” and “taxes” as the certainties in life, the laws of sales taxes […]

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Cloud Computing

Microsoft Hits the Brakes on OneDrive

Microsoft on Tuesday said it would stop offering unlimited OneDrive storage for Office 365 customers and would cut the amount of free storage it offers. Some users abused the unlimited feature, exceeding 75 TB per user, or 14,000 times the average, the company said. Office 365 Home, Personal and University subscribers no longer will get unlimited storage. They’ll get 1 TB of storage for free.

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Social Networking

Instagram Shows Off Collections in New Curated Video Channel

Instagram last week began offering packaged videos tied to topical events, starting with a stream of video content to celebrate Halloween. In launching a curated content initiative, Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, is following in the steps of Snapchat and Twitter. Snapchat launched Live Stories in June, and Twitter introduced a feature called Moments last month.

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Microsoft releases new Windows 10 preview for PCs ahead of November update, promises it’s ‘very fast and smooth’

Microsoft today released a new Windows 10 preview for PCs. Unlike the last few builds, this one doesn’t have any new features and is instead “focused on bug fixes and general improvements.” Gabe Aul, Microsoft’s vice president of the Engineering Systems team, claims this build is “very fast and smooth, and makes a great daily […]

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Brands embrace Periscope to cut through $60B worth of web advertising noise

Brand advertisers have taken notice of new livestreaming platforms like Periscope, and they are trying to use them to cut through the noise of digital marketing. This year, the digital advertising spend will approach $60 billion, so brands are increasingly challenged to get their message out to the right people. At a session at the Ad:tech conference […]

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Cross-channel personalization: Are you losing customers? (webinar)

VB WEBINAR: Join us for this live webinar on Thursday, November 19 at 10 a.m. Pacific, 1 p.m. Eastern. Register here for free.    Marketers are facing an uphill battle in trying to win over today’s digital savvy consumers. Consumers are sick and tired of all the marketing junk that gets flung towards their emails every minute. They’re […]

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Why politicians are asking the wrong questions about gender inequality

ONE issue that virtually every Democratic presidential candidate has weighed in on this year is the wage gap between the sexes. The most commonly-cited statistic is that women make just 77 cents for every dollar men do, with the implication being that the 23-cent gap is a result of discrimination. While the statistic is accurate, interpreting it requires some nuance: at least some of the gender pay gap can be explained by differences in things like the number of hours worked or type of careers each gender pursues.

Economic research suggests that the majority of the gender pay gap is because of differences within occupations rather than across them. What is tougher to determine is if women make less for “same work”: studies tend to rely on data from the US Census Bureau and the Bureau of Labour Statistics which are reliable but lack detail when it comes to specific occupations. For instance, in the American Community Survey, one of the most popular sources of data, all doctors fall under the classification “physicians and surgeons” which is problematic since salaries can vary greatly depending on what sort of specialism…Continue reading

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