The PS4 is popular with families.

Soon, you’ll be able to play PlayStation 4 games on your laptop, even if you’re not at home.

Shuhei Yoshida, the president of Sony’s Worldwide Studios, announced via Twitter that the console giant’s working on an official Remote Play app for PC and Mac. Remote Play currently lets you stream PlayStation 4 games to a PlayStation Vita handheld, PlayStation TV, and some Sony Xperia phones and tablets, either over a home network or remotely. This added functionality for PC and Mac will allow Sony to compete with, and potentially outdo, the Xbox One’s ability to stream gameplay to a Windows 10 device over a home network.

“Some people asked if we plan to provide Remote Play function to PC, and yes, we are indeed working on an official application for PC/Mac,” said Yoshida, although he didn’t reveal any timescale for releasing the app.

This news comes in the same week that an independent developer knows as Twisted announced the release of an unofficial Remote Play app for PC.  Clearly there’s a demand for such a service, which will let you play your console games on a bigger screen while the TV’s in use or while you’re travelling. Twisted planned to charge $10 for the unofficial app, and this, coupled with Yoshida’s announcement, could mean people hold off for an official solution to arrive.